• Online Marketing

    Are you using Online Marketing to your advantage?

    Adrac's range of online marketing services can help to launch your company into a new era of improved sales figures, profit and reputation.

    Our online marketing services include search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC), link building, copywriting and sympathetic website design, all with an excellent return on investment (ROI). Around 1,700 million people worldwide have internet access. That is a quarter of the global population - your potential customers.

    So, if you're not reaching out for your online market share, your rivals certainly are; if you have Adrac's e-business planning behind you, you will get ahead.

    Internet Marketing | Website SEO

    Internet Marketing
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  • PPC


    PPC (Pay Per Click) deals with prominent text advert positioning alongside search results. This type of search engine marketing is excellent for achieving an immediate increase in quality traffic.

    For example, if a searcher types "bicycle supplies" into a search bar, accompanying paid text ads will focus on bicycle supplies. One of these could be yours!

    Adrac carefully crafts the ads to maximise the conversion into sales. You set your paid campaign budget and only pay when someone clicks through.

    Adrac's paid search management service ensures PPC campaigns achieve top results, reduce cost per click (CPC) and improve ROI.

    Pay Per Click | Adwords Management

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  • SEO


    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essential for a making a website organically visible on search engines and forms an integral internet marketing campaign.

    Adrac's SEO expertise helps a website become correctly indexed by search engines. It is important to get it right - the better the SEO, the higher ranking you will achieve.

    Optimising a website with good quality content gives improved search engine visibility, so we offer this as a service too. Combined with improvements to accessibility, ethical link building and social media strategies, Adrac can elevate your business website to page one; top three position and draw quality traffic and encouraging profitability.

    Search Engine Optimisation | Link Building

    Website Optimisation
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  • Web Services

    Website Design

    Your website is a shop window to your business and a key element in a marketing plan or campaign. It should be attractive, practical, well-structured and built with its users and your goals in mind.

    With extensive experience in website design, Tundu - which works with Adrac to design web solutions - understands that every business has a different objective and will make sure your web presence reflects this.

    It makes sense that a nice-looking, navigable website will get recommended.

    Creative Web Design

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Why You Need An Online Marketing Company

The world of e-commerce is extremely competitive now, and websites across the world are fighting for the biggest share of every global business sector you can think of. Establishing and maintaining leadership status in any market niche is a matter of achieving a successful online marketing strategy.


SEO is a very important element of internet marketing. By utilising elements like user friendly navigation, crawlable content and keyword targeting you can achieve a healthy ROI.

PPC (Pay per click) advertising is one of the quickest and easiest ways of driving prospective customers to your website's services or products by effectively monitoring your bid management.

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