Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is essential if you want your online presence to be effective. An unproductive website will fail to attract profit and may even have negative return on investment (ROI).

"The UK digital Marketing Landscape is valued at over £6.3 bn" – IAB study 2013

The world wide web is a very competitive environment; if you want to appear in these searches, it is likely you will have to up your game with internet marketing.

Internet Marketing Services
  • Makes your website visible to search engines and, therefore, users
  • Raises the profile of your brand
  • Gets a good return on investment
  • Increases company profits
  • Is cost effective
  • Can be tailored to your budget
  • Supports business growth

Why Choose an Internet Marketing Company?

At Adrac we know that to provide immediate results is just the first step - we don't let you slide back down the page rankings after the first flush of success. We offer experienced internet marketing services that will foster positive, permanent change and long term improvements.

Adrac's comprehensive internet marketing is an indispensable tool for businesses today - something you simply cannot do without, if you want to succeed.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is one of the most important elements for any internet marketing campaign. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Searchers - they all regularly update their algorithms to refine search results for users. This means constant competition between marketers to drive traffic from search engines to websites. Adrac has the solutions to ensure clients keep gaining results despite the ever-changing online environment. By using Adrac's search engine marketing strategies, you assure yourself continued success.

Search Engine Marketing Services

  • Development of user-friendly and search engine friendly website design; make your presence online
  • Development of user-friendly navigation all through your website; improve usability
  • Website copywriting, adding keyword targeted content across the website
  • Implement search engine optimisation elements to the website; to make the website keyword targeted and improve search visibility
  • Exploring paid search advertising opportunities for your website; to drive valuable traffic quickly
  • Employing link building strategy to improve website's visibility and search engine rankings
  • Developing a social media plan to establish and build on increasing brand awareness

Adrac: A Google and Bing Qualified Search Engine Marketing Agency

Adrac's business development managers are certified Google Accredited Professionals and accredited to MSN (Bing) Ad Excellence. Our dedication to ethical (white hat) search engine marketing practices ensures the work we undertake for our clients is sustainable, positive and reputable over time.

We take what we do seriously, which is why Adrac is an established (since 2002) leading UK internet marketing agency, with a wealth of national and international clients. We take what you do seriously, too.

Many bespoke internet marketing packages and solutions are available, including those for single campaigns and ongoing management; an Adrac business development manager will be happy to have an informal chat about your company's needs. Call us for an informal discussion about how we can help you.

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