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"Google holds a fairly constant search market share of around 90% in the UK and over 80% in Europe as a whole."
(Data source: Hitwise)

Google is the world's leading search engine. Adrac uses its years of partner experience to help clients achieve a high natural search ranking on Google's top result pages.

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Google Adwords Qualified Company

Google displays two sets of results on its search results page: the organic listing and sponsored links (pay per click, or PPC).

PPC can gain immediate, profitable results using Google's keyword bidding technology; while Google optimised natural search techniques build a sustainable positioning over time. Adrac has the advantage of being an AdWords Professional company and your natural search ranking (boosted by our optimisation services) can be supported with a successful Google advertising campaign.

SEO Consultant

Adrac's professional SEO consultants have years of online marketing experience across a wide range of industries, meaning we can step up to the challenge of promoting whatever industry or niche market you serve.

Our SEO consultants have know-how of what works and what does not work to achieve top search engine positions on Google. Adrac was established while Google was very young and we have grown alongside it over a period of time, keeping track of the changing nature of the algorithm as well as the development of the PPC system and its various subtleties.

Once the Adrac search engine optimisation specialists get to work on your website, they will improve its chances of achieving a high ranking in Google's index by bringing all this experience into play.

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