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Not everyone uses SEO to sell products remotely, online. Some businesses use their website as a shop window and encourage people in their catchment area to visit their 'real world' premises.

SMEs especially can benefit from using Google Local optimisation from Adrac to boost their profits by advertising their services and products to people in their community, but Google Local optimisation is advantageous to all companies and organisations who want to achieve increased footfall.

Why do Small Businesses need local SEO?

Companies are spending more money on marketing their products and services online. Big budgets mean sometimes small businesses feel they cannot compete.

However, this is the beauty of internet advertising: by spending budgets wisely and employing a no-nonsense, successful SEO agency like Adrac, small businesses and sole traders can compete with the big multinationals.

Local SEO is a string to this bow: good local marketing on Google Places enhances your business visibility and attracts customers to visit your premises. Google Places even appeals to people who want to buy across the internet but who would prefer to spend money with a local company, to benefit their community economy.

How does Google My Business Pages optimisation work?

Normally, when users search for location based key terms to find products and services in a specific location, search engines will display a small map alongside the top five to six business short listings in that location. The short listing displays the business name, website URL, telephone number and the number of reviews the listing has received.

Google Places has modified this to give preference to local businesses that have an optimised website; their algorithm uses various methods to try and make its results more authenticated.

Try this: perform a check for your service or business (without using a trade name, just keywords or phrases) in the search engines and see if and how you are listed in Google Places.

Local Listing Search Result in Google

Do I need a website for a business listing?

A search engine business listing is designed and structured for local businesses and does not require you to have a website; but with the recent update to Google Places, Google gives preference to maps listings for business that have an optimised website.

Adrac's Google Places Optimisation for Small Businesses

In the competitive market, it is very important to make sure your listing is at the top and drives maximum exposure for your services. Adrac specialises in getting business listed in search engines and is keen to help even the smallest business achieve this.

  • If you already do not have a website, Adrac can build a basic two to three page website which targets your main products and services.
  • The website will be optimised, targeting the products and services within a certain location.
  • Adrac will then create an optimised Maps Listing for your business.
  • We would then work on marketing the local business using different business directories.

Google updates its local listings data every four to six weeks, so it your new listing will start appearing in search results around this time. Once it does, you will see an improvement in your website traffic, customer numbers and profits.

If you already have an existing website, Adrac will optimise your website to target the main key terms or products within a certain location and create the maps listing for your business at its location.

If you would like to know more about any topic covered in this section, or to speak to a Google Places expert, be assured that you can contact us for an informal chat without the hard sell.

Want to know more? Contact Adrac for expert local SEO services today.

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