A little bit about Adrac

Normally on an about us page, you’d expect to hear about our on-site gym. Our huge office. Our team of 37 people in two locations. You’d probably be expecting something about our staff perks, our team spirit, high-end tech and the many international brands we have worked with. We’ll spare you the details.


Instead, we’ll give you the real, important and relevant things you should know about us. In 60 seconds or less.

Our expertise is clear

We help high growth companies achieve measurable market presence across different sectors. It’s also proven. Just take a look at our case studies or consider the fact that our service models are entirely performance based. Unlike other agencies, we do not add fees to your budgets.

We are innovative, disruptive and collaborative

We have brought best-in-class technologies to market. It’s no surprise we’re handpicked to work with global partners including Google, Bing and Yell.

Where ever possible we contractually guarantee our work

That’s right you did read it right, provided you have the data and tracking capabilities Adrac will contractually guarantee your results.


We invest in training, education and networks

Our accreditations, awards and certifications include:

  • Google Premier Partner
  • Bing AdExcellence Certification
  • TopSEOS Top Ranked Agency
  • RAR
  • IAB Member