It’s one of the keys to ongoing success, especially for ecommerce sites, but A/B testing is often something that is pushed aside. It doesn’t have to be an arduous task however – if you invest in the right tool, A/B testing becomes easier and therefore, something that you can put to work more frequently to better your site and improve conversions.

If you’re new to A/B testing or have fallen out of the habit, read on for three tools to take for a spin.


Type A/B testing into Google and Optimizely is one of the first names you’ll see crop up. Optimizely says it is the world’s leading experimentation platform and its services help brands to conduct evidence-based testing at 10x times the experimentation velocity. It can be used to run tests across all device types and customer touchpoints.

The Optimizely platform offers several solutions in addition to the main A/B testing function, including a personalization platform and Full Stack for developers.

For A/B testing, you’ll need Optimizely X Web Experimentation, which allows for A/B and multi-page testing. The tool works on a visual editor system, so no prior coding knowledge is required. Optimzely is used by the likes of Weight Watchers, Microsoft and Zen Desk so is an enterprise-level solution which can be used with dynamic websites to run very targeted experiments.


If you have conducted A/B testing before, chances are you’ll also have heard of VWO. Like Optimizely, no coding prowess is needed to run tests – in fact, VWO says it’s the world’s easiest A/B testing tool, making it a sensible platform to take for a test run if you’re just getting to grip with A/B experiments for the first time. Once logged in, it’s easy to change the headline, image or any component of the page to run a test. It then divides web traffic equally, so you can see which variation works better according to your conversion goal.


Much like Optimizely and VWO, Unbounce is one of the stalwarts of A/B testing. In addition to the standard landing page testing, you can also use Unbounce to refine your website pop ups and sticky bars. With over 14,000 customers, it’s used by big name brands such as Hootsuite, Thompson Reuters and Vimeo, but is accessible enough for smaller organisations too.

The A/B testing interface uses a drag and drop design, so a page can be easily duplicated and then a single element changed. Traffic is split 50:50 and the winning design promoted to Champion ready for additional refinement.

If A/B testing isn’t something you want to focus on, why not contact us? With conversions contractually guaranteed, we take all of the leg work out of serving up the best performing website and landing pages.

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