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The coronavirus pandemic has hugely accelerated digital adoption. We’re all spending more time at home and that means we’re consuming more social media and more content. As a business, this gives you a great opportunity to build a closer relationship with your audience via your content. If you’re keen to ramp up production to meet the increased appetite for information, here are three new content marketing trends to embrace right now.

  1. Create multi-format content

Have you ever felt that perhaps you aren’t doing your content justice? If you publish on your blog and share on your social media, is that really enough? Does that give your best pieces of content the exposure they deserve and justify the time, effort and resources needed to create a brand new piece of content?

In addition to the need to ensure you’re extracting the most value possible from each content piece, you also need to rise above the noise and get your content visible in as many places as possible. What you need is a multi-format content creation process.

This essentially means that each piece of content you create will simultaneously be created in a range of formats so that you can amplify its exposure and impact. A downloadable eBook would be repurposed as a series of blog posts for example. Key infographics from the eBook would be used for social media posts. You’d create a  slide show to share on SlideDeck at the same time. You may use the topic of the eBook to create a podcast or have someone record a video distilling the key points to use on social media and YouTube. Get creative!

  • Use social media stories more

According to Instagram stats, half a billion users create Story content each day. This format has taken off in a big way – and thanks to all of the creative options placed at your fingertips within the Instagram app – it’s a great way to give your usual approach to content a 2020 upgrade.

Images and video both work well for Stories so you have some flexibility but try and mix it up. Once you go to upload, you can also add interactive elements such as polls, questions and a sliding like button, along with music, filters and gifs.

  • Create useful, downloadable digital products

When lockdown first started to bite, lots of creators, influencers and even some brands were quick to pinpoint a need for useful content. Many used social media as their platform of choice to share their resources, content and skills at no cost to inspire, empower and entertain their audiences. Things like live workouts and cookalongs became the norm and many apps and tools waived subscription fees to make their products accessible to all.

Now that things are somewhat back to normal, consider how you can maintain their spirit of community and offer useful digital content which brings value to your audience. If you’re a personal trainer or gym brand for example, you could create downloadable week’s worth of workouts. If you’re a pet brand, you could share videos of easy at home training exercises.

Want more? Try our four social media marketing trends to see you through the rest of the year. If you’d like to explore how Adrac can help you put these trends into practise and reinvigorate your content marketing, contact us now.

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