It’s no secret that reviews are important. But it is worth reiterating that they are even more important right now. The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic has sent internet usage soaring and means that e-commerce is now more popular than ever. Reviews are central to that, given the vital role they play in nurturing consumer confidence and aiding in purchase-related decision making.

Reviews are also vital to securing strong search engine rankings, so there are lots of opportunities to make them work for you. The difficulty for many businesses lies in actually reaching out and finding an effective means of requesting and obtaining a steady stream of genuine reviews. Here are four easy ways that you can put to work for you right now:

  1. Create a template

Creating a template which you can use to ask for reviews is an easy way to systemise the process. A little upfront work here can make the whole process of asking for reviews feel less intimidating and take up less time. Once perfected, this template can be quickly deployed as needed, meaning you’re more likely to ask for reviews from each customer.

Your template doesn’t need to be overly long:

  • Begin by thanking the customer for their recent order
  • Explain that you’d love to learn more about the customer’s experience of working with you via a review
  • Briefly outline the steps the client will need to take to leave a review (include images if needed)
  • Reassure them all reviews are valuable, are read and are used to make your products and services even better.
  • Add review buttons to your transactional emails

If you send clients transactional emails, such as shipping confirmations, it should be quick and easy to add a ‘review us’  button, linking back to your preferred platforms in the email footer inviting. As these emails are automated, it’s an easy way to ask for reviews consistently without having to even think about it.

  • Add a tablet or other device at point of sale

If you operate from a physical space, add a tablet or similar device close to the point of sale area. This invites customers to leave a review immediately after their interaction with you, before they even leave your place of business. This is an especially useful tactic for shops, bars and restaurants.

  • Add review platform links to your site

Many review platforms provide buttons and widgets which you can place on your site. This not only makes it easier for your customers to review you on the review sites which are important to you, displaying the logo with a well known platform such as TrustPilot or TripAdvisor can add credibility and reassure those new to your brand.

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