We’re a little over a month out from Black Friday, the traditional start of the holiday shopping season and that means now is the time to ensure that each of your channels is in optimal condition.

With almost 30 million UK users and over one billion users worldwide, Instagram is the one social network that many B2C businesses really want to crack. It is of course a very visual medium, making it the ideal platform to showcase both products and brand identity, is growing into a sales channel thanks to Instagram shops and offers a medium to develop closer relationships with clients old and new.

Increasing your performance should be a key priority as more engagement means more interactions, more traffic, better organic post reach and potentially, more sales.

Here are four ways to give your performance a lift as we head into a critical part of the year for ecommerce:

  1. Mix up your content formats

There’s no question that creating a variety of content formats is a time consuming business, but having a good store of social media assets is key to boosting all of the social media metrics that matter.

Even if your current content model is working well for you and delivering a decent amount of likes and comments, imagine how much more beneficial more likes, comments and engagement would be. The temptation with Instagram is to fall into the trap of only posting images but there’s lots more you can (and should!) be doing:

  • Videos
  • Reels
  • Story posts
  • Quizzes
  • Gifs
  • Lives

Don’t forget, there is also room for experimentation within those formats too. A video post could be a product demo, an interview, a masterclass or a behind the scenes tour. A Story post could be filled with interactive elements such as slider bars and voting.

  • Share more videos

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri raised eyebrows when he said that the platform was no longer a photo sharing app, but was instead focused on video and shopping. While we are still all uploading photos to Insta and this format remains dominant, there’s no denying that video is incredibly impactful and can drive higher levels of engagement.

The social media scheduling tool Mention says that video is the most effective type of content you can share on Instagram. Its Instagram Engagement Report found that video generates an average of 150 comments, compared to 65 comments on average for image posts.

If you have a smartphone, you can create Instagram-worthy videos. Additional equipment such as a tripod and lights can all be found inexpensively online.

  • Upload multiple images rather than single photos

Another easy way to ramp up your Insta performance is to double, treble or quadruple your image uploads. Creating carousel posts rather than sharing single images can boost views, likes and comments – and you can use a mix of video and images to give a further jolt.

Research from HubSpot suggests that this tactics can make a powerful difference, with carousel posts generating more than three times the engagement of regular posts.

  • Don’t forget your captions

You’ll know by now that creating strong images, shooting videos and prepping Stories posts can be time consuming but, you also need to factor in the last piece of the puzzle; the caption.

This text is your chance to connect with your audience and stop them scrolling. You have over 2000 characters to use as and can include as many as 30 hashtags. Use this space to tell a story and be authentic.

If you’d like more information about preparing your social media for the holiday shopping season, get in touch with the Adrac team today.

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