We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again (probably a few more times before the year is out); this Christmas shopping season is going to be different.

If you’re an online retailer, you have a wonderful opportunity to make it different in a good way, with more traffic, more engagement, more sales and ultimately more revenue from your online channels thanks to a huge predicted spike in online spend.

Of course, that surge in activity doesn’t come without its challenges too, as you’ll want to ensure that you do all you can to outshine your rivals and grab more of the spend on offer. One way to do that is to ensure your social media channels are eye catching and engaging and you have enough content to keep your feed fresh and appealing at what will already be a busy time of the year.

Here are four easy post and campaign ideas you can prep now to help you stand out on the run up to Black Friday…

  1. Deploy your best UGC

If you aren’t already making use of all of those posts you’re tagged in, or that sport your brand hashtag, now is the time to add User Generated Content (UGC) to your social media strategy. Collecting together the posts your customers are already sharing about you serves two purposes;

  • It offers you a pool of relevant, flattering and on-brand content that is ready to use right away with zero marketing expenditure on your part.
  • It shows your customers how much you appreciate them and value their loyalty to your brand. Sharing their content gives their own profiles a boost, creating goodwill at a time when brand loyalty is challenging to retain.
  • Pick a good cause to highlight

We live in turbulent times but more and more, consumers are realising their power and making their voices heard. They know that they have a range of options when it comes to selecting who to shop with or do business with so increasingly, they want to know that the provider they choose is worthy of their hard earned cash.

A recent report by Unilever suggests that a third of consumers select brands that do good, either for society or for environmental causes. If there is a good cause close to your own heart, why not partner with that organisation and help to highlight some of the great work they do by donating a few posts on your feed to lift them up?

You could tie this initiative in to an additional effort, such as donating a portion of proceeds from the sales of a specific product to support their work. A key thing to note here is that authenticity matters so, if you don’t already have a charitable partner or not-for-profit in your network, consider your own brand values and ideals before reaching out.

  • Host a 12 days of Christmas giveaway

If you want to go a little further than offering a discount code or one-time giveaway, creating a themed 12 days of Christmas campaign is a fun, seasonal alternative. This option also gives you 12 days of themed content and, given that giveaways are highly engaging by nature, offers a useful means of capturing consumer attention and participation.

Typically, you’d give away a different product each day but, the specifics of the gifts can be easily tailored to suit your brand and the stock you hold. You could opt for different items each day, have a clear theme or build up to a huge day 12 giveaway which all of the previous entrants have a chance to win.

  • Offer a handy tool or resource

Depending on your in-house capabilities, another great option for highly engaging social media content is to offer your audience a tool or resource. Typically, this would be for something useful which makes their lives easier that they’ll want to download or access. If you’re a food brand for example, you could create a Christmas Day oven timings cheat sheet which talks the reader through exactly when to prep and cook all of the essentials for the festive feast.

There is no limit to what you can offer here, the only prerequisite is that it must be either entertaining or helpful; something that your followers will actively want to receive.

Need some more inspiration or help putting your social media festive plans into action? Contact the Adrac team now to find out more about how we can help you make the absolute most of every opportunity to come your way as we head into the festive season.

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