Now more than ever it’s vital to keep your customers updated about your business; whether that’s sharing vital information such as temporarily closed locations, reopening news, changes to opening hours or promoting your special offers.

For bricks-and-mortar locations especially, the continuing presence of COVID-19 means that speedy communication in the event of unexpected closures or changes to operations is essential. While you’ll obviously share that information on your own website and social media channels, you can also use Google My Business to share relevant information to search users.

Here are four easy ways to do just that with your existing Google My Business profile:

1.    Share new business hours

With all of the changes to day-to-day life, some businesses have found that they need to amend their operating hours during this period. If that’s the case and you’re now closing earlier to allow for deeper cleaning for example, you’ll find an option to edit opening hours on your Google My Business dashboard upon logging in. There’s no limit to how often you can edit this information and it will show up in the Google search results as part of your local business knowledge card almost instantly.

2.    Use the COVID-19 Post label

If you’re a regular Google My Business user, you’ll be familiar with Posts. If not, these are small updates, which you can use to share an offer, an event or a piece of news, similar to a social media posting.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Google has added a special COVId-19 label to this function. If you’ve had to make a chance specifically due to COVID-19, use this label to make that update clear. This label means the associated Post will be given priority in search results, even if you continue to post non COVID-19 updates which are more recent.

3.    Use Posts and Images to share safety measures

Many people are understandably still unsure about returning to life as normal, with some saying they’ll continue to shop online and not eat out or travel while the virus remains prevalent. As a business, you can use Google My Business to reassure your customers that you’re taking all necessary measures to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your clients and your team by sharing images, videos and updates outlining your protocols. If you’ve added plastic screens for example around tables or tills and have a hand sanitiser station at the entrance, one way markers on floors and similar, take pictures or do a video walk-through and upload to your Google My Business listing.

4.    Install the app to get messages

If you install the Google My Business app to your Android or iOS device, search users will be able to message you with questions or concerns. This allows you to provide useful information in real time, something which could make the difference between a visit to your place of business and a decision to stay away.

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