Whatever the size of your online presence, the odds are that you have some form of social media set up. It could be that you just have Facebook or LinkedIn set up but, it’s more likely that you’re trying to juggle updates across multiple networks.

While regular social media activity is almost non-negotiable for any business trading online, it can often mean someone is losing a great deal of their day posting on and engaging with social media. This is precisely where a social media scheduling tool can help.

A good scheduling tool can increase your productivity and efficiency when it comes to social media interaction, and it can also lead to better engagement and results. When used in conjunction with genuine engagement, a social media scheduling tool is a a powerful, time saving addition to your social media marketing activity.


Postplanner is an immensely useful scheduling tool – it’s easy to use across multiple social media platforms, and it has a great deal more to offer besides.

As well as making it easy to schedule and publish social media posts and content, Postplanner also gives you the ability to find and schedule the sharing of other people’s content. Using inbuilt algorithms, Postplanner will recommend feeds and content based on your own post history and your industry. You can also search through Postplanner manually to find valuable, insightful curated content your audience will appreciate.

Currently, Postplanner is compatible with the Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, with Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ support coming soon.


If you want a social media scheduling tool with a clean, simple interface and all the capabilities you need, Buffer is a solid choice.

Buffer isn’t exploding with features, but it offers a simple, powerful tool for disseminating all of your social media posts from a single point. The program was designed from the ground up to handle only social media scheduling – no bells and whistles, just clean functionality.

It works with all major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+) and Buffer makes pushing social media content across these channels a seamless task. Additionally, Buffer also carries something called ‘Pablo’. This is an in-built image creator that enables you to create and size images for all social platforms, creating them to the right dimensions for each platform.


Offering multiple useful features all in one package, Agorapulse is more a social media management suite than just a scheduling tool.

At its most basic, Agorapulse offers an attractive and comprehensive layout for social media publishing. It’s an easy tool to master and enables you to schedule and publish posts and content on Twitter, Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Alongside this, Agorapulse also features an editorial calendar which makes it easy to see and track the scheduling of your social media output. From here, you can designate evergreen content that you want to re-publish – setting the times and dates you want it to re-emerge on social media platforms.

Agorapulse also offers the ability to check the analytics of your social media, so you can see what is performing and what isn’t – which is an invaluable insight that can help shape your social strategy going forward.


One of the best features of CoSchedule is its well-designed and implemented editorial calendar, which makes keeping track of content and social media posts a breeze. Everything is easy to see and change, and it makes changing your social media and content publishing strategy a stress-free task.

In addition to this, CoSchedule has all the other features you need from a social media scheduling tool. The platform enables you to line up your social media posts in a couple of different ways. You can input posts in bulk and then select best time scheduling for release, ensuring your posts go out at the best, most productive times. Youo can also requeue content that you want to re-use quickly and easily, which makes it easy to set a regular schedule of updates for useful content.

CoSchedule also comes equipped with a Google Chrome plugin, so you can find, schedule and publish content you find online directly from your browser.


Perhaps one of the most well-known social media scheduling tools, Postify offers all the tools you need to manage different social networks and delivers on the scheduling front at the same time.

Working with Facebook, Twitter, Xing and LinkedIn, Postify features a robust scheduling calendar so you can see at a glance what social media content is going out, when.  You can schedule posts and content to go out for your own desired time or add your updates and let Postify use its algorithms to work out the best time to publish.

Postify has an immensely useful team collaboration feature too, as well as analytics for monitoring social media impact. There’s also an in-built content recommendation feature that will show you the best, most relevant content on the web.