The value of content is on an ever-upward trajectory, and that means you face more competition every day to win your audience’s attention.

With so much content being published by brands, consumers are spoilt for choice and you need to fight for every ounce of attention you can generate. Creating good quality content is a vital part of that, but it’s only the first stage. The way that you subsequently publish, share and promote that content is equally crucial. Without that step, the resources you invest in writing blog posts, articles and guides is for naught.

Creating and promoting a regular stream of content is not a job for the faint hearted. It can be time intensive and requires a healthy dose of organisation and marketing savvy. Fortunately, there are a number of tools available to lighten the load somewhat.

  1. Social Animal

You can use Social Animal to discover what kind of content is performing best across multiple social media platforms. This data can help you determine the best times to share your content while the ‘Insights’ feature will make it easier to pick the most effective platform.

There’s also a valuable additional feature, ‘Facebook Search’ which enables you to mine insights from a competitor’s Facebook page to see what’s working for others in your industry.

  1. Almighty Press

An aggregated content discovery platform, Almighty Press helps you find content before it goes viral. You can also use the tool to set up keyword tracking so you’re always clued up on what’s trending in your industry – therefore making it much easier to stay ahead of the pack and curate or create content featuring keywords before they go viral.

  1. GetResponse

Email marketing is one of the most effective types of content marketing, and GetResponse allows you to set up events – new content, content designed to push readers to conversion and so forth – connected to recipient actions. Or, if you prefer, to pre-schedule your email content flow.

  1. Idio

Idio is an analytics tool which will help you unpick content performance, strategy, optimisation and more.

Idio’s strength lies in data insights for better personalisation – and, thus, performance – of content to unique users. The tool uses its analytics prowess to work out the best content to serve up to a particular reader, making for targeted, efficient content sharing.

  1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is an excellent tool if you want to know how to create on-trend, compelling content.

Just tap in a particular keyword or company name and it will show you the most shared content for that topic. From there, you can create your own content strategy, safe in the knowledge that the topics and ideas you’re working on are of interest to your target audience.

  1. Kred

The role of influencers is growing day by day, and Kred gives you the ability to both see your own influence across the Facebook and Twitter platforms, and to connect with relevant influencers to boost your profile.

Kred helps you to see how well your content is performing and where it’s doing the best business, so you can focus more on what’s working and drop content that isn’t performing.

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