When you think of how your ecommerce store performs, one of the first metrics that comes to mind is more than likely your cart abandonment rate. This figure can be an ROI killer and out of all of the data that your online store generates, probably the one that haunts you the most.

According to data from Listrak, the average cart abandonment rate is 77%. This means that you aren’t alone in your frustration but, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t tactics you can deploy to reduce that rate and win back some of those straying shoppers. Try these six strategies to turn your abandoned carts into confirmed sales.

1) Implement email automation

If you don’t already have email automation set up, do it now. This can be used to send an email to shoppers who have abandoned their transaction before completing the checkout process. A popular approach is to take a ‘hey, look what you left behind’ approach to the email, showing shoppers exactly what they almost bought.

2) Have an easy checkout and payment process

With the advent of one click payment options, it should be easy for visitors to your site to complete their purchase in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. If your checkout process is overly cumbersome or complex, or forces users to create an account before they can buy from you, consider ways it could be streamlined. This may mean simplifying your form or choosing a different payment gateway.

3) Be upfront about shipping costs

No-one likes to think they are getting a great deal only to find out that the item considered costs almost as much to ship as it does to buy. Be transparent about posting and packaging and display this and any other hidden or additional costs before the checkout screen.

4) Add a save for later option

Give shoppers a save for later option so they can easily come back and purchase items they have their eye on. Many wish lists can also be shared, which can help to increase cart value and purchase frequency.

5) Make it easy to compare items, add to bag and go back to the store

One of the beauties of online shopping is that it can be done at your leisure, without being a slave to opening times or requiring the user to trek round several floors to find what they want. Make your online shopping experience as flexible and easy as it was intended to be by facilitating quick and easy switching between cart and store. Add a compare option so users can easily make up their mind about what they want to buy.

6) Include a strong call to action

Calls to action are often neglected during the checkout process. Use strong calls to action throughout to funnel your user through each stage of the purchase.

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