Cyber Monday 2018 was a world record breaker, according to Adobe data. Its shopping information for the Black Friday weekend showed that its previous predictions that Cyber Monday would be the biggest online shopping day ever were right on the money.

By the end of the day, a total of $7.9 billion had been spent in the USA alone, making it the largest (and most lucrative) ecommerce day in history. By 7.00pm, the amount of money spent by online shoppers was already 19.7% higher than that of 2017.

In addition to breaking records with colossal levels of online shopping, the amount of purchases made from a mobile device also hit new heights this year. Adobe estimates that $2 billion of all spending originated from a smartphone rather than a desktop.

In comparison, shoppers spent $3.7 billion on Black Friday – while much lower than Cyber Monday’s total, this was still a huge 28% year-on-year growth. The Saturday and Sunday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday was also huge for online retailers according to Adobe, as the biggest online shopping weekend ever saw another $6.4 billion being spent on ecommerce sites.

Key data from Cyber Monday 2018:

  • Retailers with a physical bricks and mortar presence benefited from the online sales flurry, with Adobe reporting that shoppers opted for ‘buy online, pick up in store’ in their droves. It logged a 50% increase year-on-year.
  • Smartphone shoppers set a new record, spending $2 billion from their mobile device on Cyber Monday 2018, versus $1.59 billion last year.
  • Shoppers increasingly went in store to collect their online orders rather than pay for shopping, with retailers having a physical location in addition to their website recording 28% more conversions.
  • The late night period between 10.00pm on Cyber Monday and 1am on Tuesday 27th November was exceptionally popular, with shoppers spending around $1.7 billion in this window before heading to bed.
  • Large retailers were more successful on mobile with 6% more conversions than smaller stores. Smaller retailers with more niche product offerings had 7% better conversions on desktop.
  • Direct website traffic was the most lucrative source of conversions, accounting for 25.3% of sales, followed closely by paid search, which generated 25.1% of conversions.
  • Retailers missed out on over $187 million of sales by running out of stock on Cyber Monday.
  • The average shopping basket value in the USA was $138 – up 6.1% on last year.

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