AdWords has unveiled a brand new video format designed exclusively for mobile environment use. Advertisers can use outstream video ads immediately to extend the reach of their video campaigns beyond the confines of YouTube.

The new format will make it easier to increase the reach of video creative in a cost efficient manner, says Armen Mkrtchyan, Product Manager of Video Ads at Google. In the official product launch announcement he revealed that outstream video ads have been in the works for around a year as the search engine has sought new ways to capitalise on greater user mobile and app time.

Google says oustream ads will “…drive incremental, cost-efficient and viewable reach beyond YouTube.” In practise, this means advertisers can now opt to show their video ads on Google video partner sites (high quality third party sites across the web) and in mobile apps supporting video ads, including Bumper and TrueView instream.


Outstream video ads will begin playing automatically on a user’s device when they are first viewable on the mobile screen. They will play without sound unless the user clicks to view – a tap will turn the ad sound on and restart the video from the beginning. Alternatively, the user can scroll past the video on their device to leave sound muted.

As such, Outstream video ads will be rooted to a viewable CPM price structure. This means the advertiser only pays for ad impressions when the video is classed as viewable on screen. To be considered viewable, over 50% of the video ad must be displayed for two seconds or longer.

Performance measurement

Performance can be measured with ActiveView, unique reach reporting and brand interest lift.

Mkrtchyan explained, “Outstream video ads complement our efficient reach solutions for YouTube: TrueView for reach and Bumper ads. Now, you can reach even more of your audience across the mobile web and apps with a video ad designed for the ways people read, play, swipe and scroll on mobile.”

Google says that a number of advertisers are already confirming extended reach with the Outstream format. It cites the Hong Kong Tourism Board as one successful example – in its campaign to promote Hong Kong as a destination to travellers across Asia, its use of outstream video ads delivered a 30% increase in reach, a 40% decrease in cost per completed view and 85% lower CPM.

As a Google premier partner, Adrac can help you make the most of this new format and boost the reach of your video creative. Contact us to find out more.

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