Adrac received notification from the Google partner program that is has been awarded a second-place prize in the most recent Game On competition. Another great result for the team here at Adrac and one more reason (if you needed one) to reinforce the facts that the Adrac business offer and service levels are attracting more and more Customers to the digital marketing agency at the vanguard of the market.

The award places Adrac well within the top 20 agencies in the UK in relation to Customer acquisition and that’s down in part to:

  • the excellent, highly skilled Account Management team,
  • the highly focused and qualified delivery teams here at Adrac
  • the time and effort we put into understanding our Customers objectives and business goals and
  • the unique business model and approach to the market that Adrac has developed over many years of working within digital marketing.

The three Samsung VR headsets (not yet here) are going to make a great little addition to our research corner and will no doubt provide hours of work and non-work related fun for the team.

Adrac would like to thank our clients for the continued faith they show whilst working with us, all the members of the team that work tirelessly to secure the guaranteed performance and growth Adrac Customers are accustomed to receiving and finally to Google for continuing to recognise the sterling works of the Adrac team.

Adrac look forward to another quarter of phenomenal growth, performance quality for our clients and continued recognition of our excellence in the market place in relation to the delivery of cutting edge digital marketing services.

Why not speak with a member of the Adrac team about a no obligation review and have a member of one of the highest placed Premier Google partners delivery team provide their views on what you are doing, free of charge, by calling +44(0)161 393 1560.