As several existing Adrac customers will know; Automated call conversion reporting from many of the major digital marketing delivery platforms such as Google, Bing etc is problematic.

Automation and integration into default performance reporting platforms is an agenda that Adrac have pushed with our marketing partners for some time now and that started before the major trend shift to mobile.

As is often the case; the highly skilled development team here at Adrac (while waiting for the partners to resolve the issue) have created and are testing a solution.

At the time of writing the resolution remained in beta but department insiders tell us reliably that by the time of publication trails testing should be complete as initial trails and feedback are promising.

Technical Services Director; Kym Kinlin stated “We aim to have the resolution integrated and available for existing customer in the coming months”.

The techie bit

Automated Call Conversion Tracking: A script based solution that makes use of a series of APis requesting and injecting call data directly from marketing delivery platforms and injecting directly into the performance reporting platform that is agreed at the time of contract with customers.

The call data is accurate to the second (both in call time and call duration) and calls generated by Adrac marketing initiatives are assigned to “Adrac”.

Whilst the data is collected accurate to the second updates are nightly with all systems updated by 9 am each day. Data is stored in the transfer archive for up to 30 days and

The automated reporting provides a means to highlight and correlate call data at the highest level ie.

  • Conversion by type – Phone Calls
  • Time of conversion
  • Duration of call
  • Source of conversion – Adrac

Further data on the call can be requested and this includes

  • First four digits of the call
  • Approximate geo location of the caller (landline only)

Your individual account managers will be speaking with you as the technology comes out of beta including where to find the information and how to use the reporting platforms to list by conversion type.

Should you wish to consider or want to be included in the pilot of the technology please contact your account manager on: 0161 393 6222 or email directly sating “Call Tracking Automation Pilot Consideration”.

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