Christmas has come that little but sooner this year for the team at Adrac.

Saint Googleus has sent Adrac a goodie pack (and not the Game on rewards we have already qualified for as the result of another quarter of phenomenal growth and customer care).

Nope Saint Googleus has sent Adrac a plaque and a certificate! Why you may ask?

You may recall that some months ago Adrac was included as one of only a handful of UK agencies to be awarded Googles much coveted Premier Partner badge. Google Premier Partner status meant (amongst other things):

  • Adrac had demonstrated skill and expertise in Google AdWords,
  • Adrac had consistently exceeded peer performance standards
  • Adrac exceeded the minimum number of required qualified professionals
  • & that Adrac maintained a higher than peers customer retention
  • & consistently grow in terms of both client base and client revenues

And that meant Adrac – The Google Premier Partner and its customers would receive:

  • Exceptional support from various Google Teams,
  • More invitations to exclusive Google events,
  • Access to advanced Google training, and
  • Best of all early invitations to new Google services and product launches.

Meaning Adrac customers are always ahead of the competition because the Adrac delivery teams contribute the valuable feedback on Beta products that Google uses to finalise new offerings.

Well as a result of all of this Google sent us (a very heavy) plaque and a rather plain certificate in a very nice frame : )

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