If Chrome is your browser of choice we have good news – it’s actually packed with lots of features and useful functions which go beyond simply searching the internet. Here, we’ve rounded up a few of the less commonly used features which you may not know about but which are guaranteed to make life easier.

Add media and images

Chrome acts as a multimedia browser, so if you want to quickly look at one of your files simply drag it to Chrome. This hack works for images, video and music – giving you a speedy place to take a closer look at pictures, play the video and even listen to your favourite tracks as you work.

Go incognito

If you work in an office which uses hot desking or others have access to your machine, you may not want them to see the websites you’re browsing. Google Chrome has a handy incognito mode which means your search history won’t be saved.

To quickly go incognito, simply type CTRL+SHIFT+N (Windows) or, click settings (the three dots top right in the browser window and select ‘New incognito window’. After either of these steps, you’ll be able to browse the web with optimum privacy.

There’s also a digital marketing perk to this feature too – Google uses your browsing history to personalise the results and adverts it shows you. Going incognito means that your history isn’t taken into account so you’ll get a true view of results, with no personalisation skewering. This isn’t a replacement for the Ad Preview Tool but it’s a useful alternative in a pinch.

Sync Chrome to Google accounts

If you already have a Google account, you can sync it with your web browser. This is a very useful tool if you work across multiple devices – such as a laptop in the office, a tablet when visiting clients and your smartphone at home. Syncing your accounts lets Google know it’s you and means you won’t lose your browsing history or bookmarks when moving from one device to another.

Simply sign in to your Google account while you have a Chrome window open then go to Settings and tap into the first section called ‘You and Google’. On the following screen, click the ‘Turn on Sync option’ and then choose what data you want to share between your devices when signed in to your usual Google account.

Enable resource loading hints

If you frequently find yourself in an area with a slow network connection, enabling resource loading hints provides a preview. To turn this feature on go  to Chrome Flags (type chrome://flags) in the address bar and then input enable-resource-loading-hints into the search box. Change the dropdown from Default to Enabled.


Need to mirror tabs or your desktop to Chromecast for a presentation for example? You can with Chrome Flags. Go to Flags as instructed above) then search for mirroring-service. You can turn this on and off on the dropdown tab so switch between Enable and Disable as needed.

Password Import

Good security practise dictates that you should use a different password for different services and platforms to keep your accounts secure. That’s fine when your computer remembers them all for you but can be a huge inconvenience when you swap between devices. With Chrome, you can save yourself hours of frustration by using the Password Import option. Go to Flags, then search PasswordImport to turn this feature on.

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