Has your business been one of many forced to pivot (or change path entirely) during the coronavirus pandemic? If so, you’ve been part of the fastest pace of digital adoption we’re likely to see this century.

If not, the rapid speed of digital evolution might have left you wondering what to do next or how to get your business back up to speed in the face of such rapid and dramatic change. Here, we’ve outlined some of the major digital transformations which have taken place, and how you can implement them now.

Start selling online if you aren’t already doing so

According to Google data, the lockdown has given e-commerce an enormous boost, with online stores becoming the default purchase channel (through necessity in most cases) since March.

In the UK in April, e-commerce accounted for an impressive 30% of all retail sales – a figure which makes it clear that now is the time to get your business online. There are a number of ways to achieve this, with an e-commerce website the most popular and sustainable option.

If investing in a new e-commerce site isn’t something you can manage right now, Facebook debuted Shops during lockdown. This new tool was designed to make it easy for small businesses to start selling online after research revealed the devastating impact of coronavirus shutdowns. You can find more on that solution and how to get started here.

Invest in your online channels and think digital first

Whatever the industry, the requirement to stay at home more and shut down services such as gyms, schools, cinemas and museums has meant that consumers have spent more time than ever before online to fulfil their education, work and leisure needs – and they aren’t just shopping. From online workouts to live stream cooking classes, many businesses have quickly attempted to repackage their services and take them online for business continuity.

The latest research from McKinsey, which has been studying the customer experience in the new normal, says that this shift has been quick and widespread – and that means you too will need to think about how your offerings can be delivered via digital means in order to meet customer expectations and safeguard your business during these challenging times.

In its report, it says, “Around the world, companies have moved quickly to accommodate the massive shift to digital channels. Every possible activity—from meals and groceries, to finance and education, to fitness—now has a digital or online equivalent, many of which have seen soaring usership. Nearly all organizations, whether traditional companies or start-ups, are reorienting their business models to be more digital.”

Do more with less thanks to automation

Marketing automation certainly is nothing new, with everyday tools like Mailchimp already offering easy ways to automate certain functions, such as lead nurturing. Now though, this capability is more valuable than ever and many businesses have started to realise that they can use automation to make their marketing work harder and run more efficiently – something especially important in an era of job losses, furlough and budget reductions.

If your marketing team has been cut, or you’re looking to make efficiencies to improve results, Google advises a quick adoption. It says, “As we move to a recovery phase, now is the time to think big and use these as building blocks for a reimagined, more agile business model. Automation can be an especially useful tool here to capture fluctuating demand in the most efficient way and derive even more value from your marketing spend.”

If you are already using some elements of automation in your business and marketing activity, now is the ideal moment to run a thorough audit of all business units to see where additional savings can be made with the use of automation technologies.

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