1. Log into your advertising accounts.
  2. Take a look at your advertising performance.

Are your Google AdWords “branded” campaigns delivering your lowest cost per conversion?

If you’re like most advertisers, that’s what is happening. And it makes sense, because the people clicking your “branded” campaign ads are already specifically looking for your company. They are therefore far likelier to convert than people just generally searching the internet.

Now . . . how many of your new customers knew to search for your brand name because they had previously clicked one of your non-branded ads earlier in their search process? If you’re like most advertisers, probably many more than you think. So if your “branded” campaign is claiming 100% credit for those customers, it’s like saying the striker who scored the goals last season is all you need in your team this season.

If you are planning on making decisions about advertising spend you must understand how much value each pound you are spending is actually giving you rather then basing it on where the value has been recorded because of a default setting you have not changed.