Digital is constantly evolving – with new technologies and new best practises appearing in the mainstream seemingly each week. This time last year for example, you would be unlikely to have heard of voice search optimisation in the context of upping your SEO game. Chatbots were something techies talked about and augmented reality and virtual reality were the stuff of multinational brands with limitless budgets.

Today, all of these things are firmly embedded on the digital landscape. Have businesses adapted to these digital shifts as quickly as consumers? Are you giving your online leads exactly what they expect from your digital presence? In a new infographic, Code Computer Love wondered whether or not brands and consumers were on the same page. They set out to answer these questions by asking consumers what they feel about these trends and whether or not they want to interact in those ways within the digital space. Read on to find out which 2017 trends should be on your digital radar…

Key digital trend findings

  • Augmented reality was the most mentioned trend last year with 24,000,000 news mentions, followed by 16,400,000 mentions of virtual reality
  • There were 44,200 mentions of Chatbots and
  • 37,300 news mentions of mobile payment
  • There is a clear consumer appetite for new technologies, with augmented reality and virtual reality two of the most searched trends on Google
  • Consumer interest in voice assistants is growing quickly, with 750,000 searches carried out on Google each month for the last year

When it comes to knowing which of these trends to incorporate into your search marketing strategy, it’s helpful to know what consumers actually want to use. It makes sense that offering mobile payment is a winner for example, as it’s relatively low cost to implement and taps into the shift to mobile.

Virtual and augmented reality are both increasingly being used in large scale digital marketing campaigns by big brands but can you justify the investment? Code Computer Love’s infographic shows the results of a poll of 1000 people. Only 12.9% of those surveyed said they wanted to use augmented reality in 2017. Just 14.4% wanted to use a chatbot. So, we can safely say there isn’t a huge appetite for those technologies (yet). But, what trends should you consider? 24.7% of consumers said they were interested in using voice search in 2017 and as expected, 32.1% wanted to use mobile payments.

Overall, research shows that consumers don’t necessarily want the brands they interact with online to introduce revolutionary new technologies, What they do want is improved experiences – so focus on what you can do better. That might be developing your search engine optimisation strategy to include voice search or, adding mobile payment to your mobile optimisation work.

2017 Digital Trends

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Infographic Source: CodeComputerLove