It’s a question that is as old as paid search itself and one that has die hards to the right and die hards to the left both within Adrac and in the wider digital community.

Today Adrac tackles this hot potato of a topic.

In a personalised world of search where a searchers activity is logged and used to refine the results that are presented to the searcher. In a world where search engines achieve the ideal results using the search query, past activity and the data the search engine contains. It makes sense that a patent Nr – US 8676790 B1 “Methods and systems for improving search rankings using advertising data” 

Google Patents

would be filed by a search engine to ensure that it can use the interaction of searchers with Ads to refine and improve the results brought back the next time a searcher searches – (and that’s not just in relation to Ads but all the Search Entities that are returned).

If your thoughts are an AdWords paid search campaign on its own, as a stand-alone would improve your organic rankings. Adrac has not seen any empirical evidence of this and the wider digital community would tend to agree with this position. Simply having an AdWords campaign active is not enough. You need a campaign that is active, attractive to searchers and interacted with.

So YES AdWords and paid search campaigns CAN affect your organic rankings but we go further than this not only will it affect your organic but also your mobile and localised positioning in an ever more personalised world of search governed more and more by AI and machine learning our prediction is its only going to get more prevalent.

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