If you’re planning to enjoy a very merry Christmas this year, now is the time to step up your seasonal SEO efforts and add some holiday cheer to your web content and product descriptions.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, the Christmas period has begun in earnest – meaning there are lots of opportunities for savvy retailers to pick up a little extra seasonal traffic by incorporating a few timely festive phrases to SEO activity. Given most shoppers now start their gift inspiration process with Google or Amazon, and many consumers order online, here are a few ways you can get an edge on the competition by prepping for holiday shopping season.

Research and use seasonal keywords

When the Christmas shopping season rolls around, search users tend to modify their search habits slightly and use more Xmas-themed keywords to help them find that perfect gift. Your regular keyword list therefore will need a little Christmas sparkle adding. As a first step, you need to pinpoint exactly which festive phrases your customers are likely to use. You can use Google Trends to find this out and get your new keyword list underway.

Once you have a shortlist of terms, brainstorm other opportunities to be visible. You may want to add ‘free shipping’ to some phrases for example as cost-conscious gift buyers look for the best deal. Adding the year to the end of some search phrases is also worth considering.

Create some Christmas-themed content

Now you know what kind of keywords you need to be using, you can create Christmas-themed content to populate your blog. Don’t just aim to write a post which can be crammed with keywords. Stick to the same high quality content principles you adhere to all year and consider how you can present articles and blogs that are interesting, useful and add value to your reader – while also providing you with a vehicle to use those all-important festive keywords.

Produce a gift guide(s)

Gift guides are a very popular content format at this time of year and for good reason – they’re an invaluable resource for shoppers searching for inspiration  and can help others make a final decision between products or brands. Gift guides are also inherently shareable and a great way to showcase your best seasonal deals and most wanted products.

Optimise your key landing pages

Your landing pages will also need to be given a light dusting of seasonal SEO treatment. You can again use your festive keywords here but remember that you should also be working in new links to your buying guides and Christmas themed content.

If you have structured data set up for landing pages, don’t forget that this powers rich snippets so optimizing your landing pages can also instantly give you a festive presence in the search results.

If you need more help making the most of the Christmas period as a retailer, contact the Adrac team now to find out how we can help drive up conversions before the big day.

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