We all know that PPC is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website in a hurry. But, creating a high performing campaign which delivers an optimal volume of the right kind of traffic takes a lot of skill and strategy. Your ad copy plays a key role in that process and can make or break your campaign. That kind of pressure means that it’s all too easy to come up against writer’s block.

The good news is we can let you in on a well-kept secret: the best PPC adverts all follow a simple formula, regardless of industry.

To help you on your way to creating high converting, well targeted ad copy that makes the best possible use of your budget, follow these steps:

  1. Know your audience’s objectives and mirror them

No one clicks on a basic PPC advert simply because they think it looks good. People click through because the ad copy solves a problem for them. Remember that all customers are fundamentally selfish. There is something they want, and if you can address that in your copy, you immediately increase the likelihood of a click and conversion. Sometimes those needs are simple such as same day service. Consider what your audience’s objectives are and address those early on in your ad copy.

  • Use plain English

Ad space is limited so you need to be as succinct and clear as possible. Avoid complex language and industry jargon.  Use KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) to guide your copy. Use this philosophy to identify where your copy can be tightened up and your USPs more clearly communicated.

  • Be the opposite of the market leader

In the book “The Immutable Laws of Marketing” by Reis and Troat, there’s a law that states that you can’t fight the leader by being better, only by being their opposite. The book was first published in 1993, and 28 years later still holds true. If your main competitor prides itself on its large conglomerate client base, your messaging could highlight your local status or bespoke solutions for small businesses. Think about how you do things differently and then shout about it.

  • Include numbers

You can tempt search users to click your ads and create more impactful copy by including numbers in the headline. This is because it immediately addresses a key need – cost. Whether you include the current price, a special offer such as three for two or a percentage discount figure, numbers create urgency and help browsers make an immediate decision.

  • Use Google tools

Social proof is a key element of the decision-making process for today’s modern shoppers. If you can’t fit testimonials or accreditations in the copy itself, use Google’s extension options and other tools such as Google Guaranteed to highlight credibility and service quality. 

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