For those of you who have forgotten, the Google deadline for extended adverts is January 31, 2017. Existing standard text ads will continue to run with expanded text ads until the above date, but after the deadline advertisers will not be able to edit or create standard ads. That is quite a major change by the search giant (even if they did miss the new AdWords platform roll out deadline!).

For those of you who have

  • Not got around to setting up the extended adverts
  • Forgot to set them up
  • Added the task to your New Year resolutions
  • Set extended ads up some months ago but have paid little notice to them since

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For those of you who think that you still have enough time to set them up there is a nice set of guides below to help you get to grips with the task but remember you are not going to get much data and you really should have done this months ago.

Google issued set of suggested best practices for testing expanded text ads:

  • Test multiple versions of your expanded text ads. Try different approaches with the new space your ads now have. Shoot for 3–5 new ads per ad group. Advertisers who test multiple creatives see better performance.
  • Focus your testing on headlines. Headlines are the most important parts of your ads, and you now have an extra line to experiment with.
  • Replicate what works in standard text ads in your expanded text ads. For example, if you mention pricing or use keyword insertion in a successful standard text ad, carry those over to expanded text ads.
  • Consider shorter headlines on brand terms. Sometimes “Your Company’s Name — Official Site” might be all you need. You aren’t required to use all of your available characters. Test shorter ad copy, especially on terms where someone might not need a lot of additional info.
  • Leave your standard text ads running until the new versions are consistently outperforming them. An expanded text ad isn’t guaranteed to be a winner simply because you have more characters. Leave your top performing ads running, regardless of their length.
  • Review your pre-existing ads for previous success with longer headlines. Consider promoting description line 1 in a standard text ad to you new headline 2, especially if that ad performed well in the past.
  • Don’t implement the same expanded text ad across many different ad groups. Your ads should be tailored to users’ searches.
  • Don’t blindly insert a new second headline without changing the rest of the ad. Add content that is relevant to the query and fits well with the rest of the creative.
  • Don’t write expanded text ads that lose their relevance to a user’s query. Remember that user query in your text.
  • Don’t leave out specific benefits or attributes of your product that had proven to be enticing in the past. Test all of your benefits to find what works in the new format.

You will note that at the eleventh hour some of the guides are too late to be used, the majority are common to Ad creation practices and the rest are very useful if you know what you are doing.

If the last thing you want to be doing straight off the bat in 2017 is creating new adverts for possibly your most important digital advertising platform, why not leave it to the experts – Contact Googles Premier Partner Adrac on 0161 393 1560 and the team will be happy to carry out a zero-cost review of the account for you, which will include other valuable insights and advice.

Happy New Year.

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