One of the biggest misconceptions about online marketing is that driving traffic to your website is the hardest part. Wrong! Getting visitors to your website is only the beginning – keeping them there and encouraging them to make a transaction is the hard part. There’s no point spending half your marketing budget on generating traffic if most visitors are leaving after just a few seconds. As a performance agency that specialises in growth, we always tell our customers – it’s not about the volume of traffic, it’s about the quality and quality is measured by positive outcomes.

If you’re having trouble hanging onto visitors, this means you have a high ‘bounce rate’. Potential customers are ‘bouncing’ away from your site without navigating to a second page. So how can you convince these visitors to stay a little longer and reduce that negative bounce rate? Here are four important tips to put into practice.

Make compelling copy a priority

Make sure the opening couple of sentences on every single one of your website pages (especially the homepage) are polished, precise and perfect. They need to grab the visitor’s attention and hold onto it. Of course, the rest of the website’s copy needs to be great too, but place special focus on the first few sentences, as they’re the first thing a visitor will read.

Pay attention to page load times

How many times have you yourself clicked on a website, only to navigate away after waiting more than ten seconds for the page to load? With the rapid technology we have at our fingertips, we’ve become an impatient bunch – 50% of visitors expect websites to load within two seconds, and 79% of web shoppers said they wouldn’t return to a slow-loading website again. Page load times are also a key part of Google’s algorithms and ranking factors, so it’s worth optimising your site for maximum speed.

Misleading titles

In a world of clickbait and sensationalist titles, it’s only too easy for a visitor to click through to a page, before realising it doesn’t actually apply to them. If visitors have found your page through search results, they’re probably clicking through on the relevance of your title and meta description – but if they get to your site and find something totally different, they’re going to navigate away pretty quickly, leading to a high bounce rate.

Interstitials, banners or hidden content

Users don’t want to be made to work hard to find what they’re looking for – so when you cover your site with interstitials, or hide content behind carefully placed banners, you run the risk of irritating them rather than convincing them to click through. It’s also worth bearing in mind that Google has implemented a mobile interstitial penalty, which could result in lower rankings for those who insist on annoying interstitial ads – so there’s double the reason not to have them.

Adrac can help you lower your bounce rate and turn those visitors into conversions – get in touch with our team today to find out how.

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