By Matthew Kinlin

Google has updated the way it tracks its sessions per visitor in Google Analytics.



Previously, a session would end when a user closed their browser. However now a session will complete based on clicks. So a user can click through and then return to Google and click on another site, and Google will recognise these as two different sessions, without the browser being closed.

Google Analytics has now changed their model so a session will end when any traffic source value for the user changes. Traffic source information includes: utm_source, utm_medium, utm_term, utm_content, utm_id, utm_campaign, and gclid.

This will benefit Google Analytics as it allows for more accurate sourcing. Previously Google would only recognised Ad Words and if a user returned to the site and click on something different, then the first Ad Words would only be recognised.

Now Google Analytics can base sessions on clicks. This means more accurate attribution information and should reflect more accurately how visitors engage with the website.

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