Google has announced its huge list of annual updates and new features, and Adwords is set to be one of the most heavily affected areas, with an enormous array of new tools and resources for avid marketers to get to grips with. From a whole new UI for Adwords to a new tool, Google Optimise, let’s take a look at some of the key changes, and what this means for marketers…

New interface

The Adwords interface has been in need of an update for a while – and Google has certainly delivered. Though strictly speaking it’s not ‘brand new’ – millions of advertisers have had access to the new layouts for months. The update brings the Adwords UI in line with many of its other more stylish interfaces, getting rid of the clunky graphs and hidden submenus for something altogether more user-friendly.

Google Optimise

Landing page testing just got a hundred times easier thanks to the creation of Google Optimise – an agile landing page creation and testing solution that integrates with AdWords. Users will be able to use the platform to create an unlimited number of landing page variants without any need for coding experience or understanding, before applying them to any combination of Adwords campaigns. This is one the marketers are particular excited for – it could change the game in terms of CRO.

Life Event targeting

The collection of data is now at a point where advertisers can accurately predict when a huge life event is set to take place in the life of their users. Someone purchasing baby clothes or researching baby names online, for example, might be about to become a parent, and advertisers can tweak their output to appeal specifically to this person in a more targeted way. The new Adwords has a Life Events targeting option for both YouTube and Gmail ads – a bold, creative advertising possibility that has many marketers raring to get started.

Mobile matters

We already know how important Google considers mobile to be – and now the statistics are there to back it up. There are now more mobile searches than desktop searches, and factors like page speed are absolutely vital to mobile success. Google sees this, and is now providing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) landing pages and Display ads for these pages, which are said to load up to five seconds faster than regular landing pages and ads.

Google Attribution

Another new platform for advertisers and marketers to get their teeth into. Google Attribution is a totally free tool which allows digital marketers to dig deeper into their conversions and see the impact of their marketing endeavours and campaigns. Attribution modelling is made much easier, which is an obvious advantage, but the platform still has room to grow: currently you can view data variations for different models, but you can’t set your campaigns to run based on those models – that all has to be done manually.

As a Google Premier Partner, Adrac naturally gets pre-launch access to beta offerings and services well in advance of market launch dates – which means we’ve already had plenty of time to work out how these new additions provide value for our customers, and how we can best use them to produce results. If you think your company would benefit from a team with this vital Google knowledge, get in touch with Adrac today.

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