Google has announced that it will fully switch over to the new AdWords interface by year’s end – meaning the old look AdWords will officially be fully retired within the next few months.

While this was to be expected given the investment made in the second generation of AdWords, the news has left some advertisers pondering the possible implications of a full transition given the teething problems that are still plaguing the new interface.

In its official blog post, Google says that its mission when launching AdWords almost two decades ago was to help advertisers better connect with customers around the world. This principle guided the development of the overhauled AdWords, which launched earlier this year. As a result, Google says its system is faster and more intuitive than ever before. Advertisers can create campaigns aligned with their business goals and navigate the interface more quickly and much more easily with keyboard shortcuts.

Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management says the interface now gives AdWords advertisers everything they need. As such, it will become the only way to manage accounts from the end of the year, with access to the previous AdWords experience turned off for good.

Before the switch becomes permanent, AdWords will begin to email resources and information to account owners. While Google says the change will become final by the end of 2018, the official post stresses that accounts will not be switched during the holiday shopping season of November and December.

So what does this mean for you?

The new AdWords interface does still have some usability issues and isn’t yet fully finished. Some functionality is yet to be launched and the general consensus is that the user experience is not as streamlined as it could be.

Google for its part has said that it’s taken user feedback on board and made some design tweaks, including the addition of more obvious icons, the ability to expand the table to see more statistical data and the option to hide or bring back paused items.

Of course, as an AdWords Google Premier Partner, the Adrac team has used the new interface extensively. We know that some of our clients find it to be a little clunky and not as easy to use as expected, but we really like the logical structure and flow.

With Google stating that the switch won’t happen in November or December, this realistically means a forced transition in either October or January. You can switch your account over before that if you’d like or, Google will do it for you when it retires the old interface.

If you’re worried about this move or concerned that you aren’t getting the most out of your AdWords campaigns due to the new interface, why not speak to our PPC team to find out how we can help?

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