Google has launched a new feature for Google Ads advertisers to allow them to import offline conversions. Enhanced conversions for leads works in the same way as the existing enhanced conversions for web tool. This is a useful new tool for advertisers as it makes it easier to track and measure the impact of advertising and trace where conversions originate.

How does it work?

Enhanced conversions can be set up from within Google Ads or Google Tag Manager. It uses the existing Google Ads conversion tag to send conversion data to Google in a secure manner. Google Ads uses hashed data to keep your lead information private and anonymous. Conversion data is attributed to the appropriate Google Ads campaign, so you get a more complete view of campaign performance and conversions, even if the transaction took place offline following the initial ad click.

Google’s timeline shows this process as:

  1. A user clicks on your Google Ads advert and is taken through to your landing page.
  2. Once there, the search user completes your online form. Google receives hashed lead information.
  3. You take the customer details provided on the form and add them to your own CRM system as a lead.
  4. When that person buys from you, you upload hashed lead information for that person.
  5. Google matches the data back to the original ad, and logs it as a conversion for that campaign.

What information do you need to provide?

In order for Google to attribute the data to the right campaign, it needs to be able to identify that specific lead. It therefore requires you to provide a piece of data to recognise that person. This could be their name and address, an email address or phone number.

How to get set up

You won’t need to make changes to how you capture lead data on your site or CRM system so it’s relatively quick and easy to get set up with enhanced conversions for leads.

To set up, you’ll use Google Tags Manager or global site tag. Instructions for setting up using Google Tags Manager can be found here. Instructions for using global site tag to get started can be found here.

Once conversion tracking is set up, you can import your conversions into Google Ads. Full instructions can be found here. For phone call conversions, you’ll need to follow this process.

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