Google Merchant Centre Interface Changes

It’s a safe bet to assume the Merchant Centre new interface is in keeping with how the AdWords new interface operates so well worth a read if you have not yet had access to the new AdWords platform.

Firstly what is Google Merchant Centre?

Google Merchant Centre is a tool that helps you upload your shop and product data to Google and make it available to other Google services including Google Shopping.

Nb. Those familiar with Google Merchant Centre feel free to scoff at the “helps you” part of the definition above.

Google Merchant Centre is arguably the most important component of the Google marketing matrix for Ecommerce sites because get your feed wrong and your products disappear from the Google ecosystem and that often spells disaster for online retailers.

Yet the Adrac team find, so often;

  • Investments in feed creation
  • Data integrity checks
  • Regular feed health checks
  • Prompt issue resolution

Are quite often so low on the priority list they don’t even show which is ludicrous.

Perhaps Googles neglect of the platform contributed to the perception of the lay advertiser but that’s not the case anymore. Google development team have invested time, energy and thought to the Google Merchant Centre Interface (and the Adrac delivery team having had access to the new interface for some time now) the general consensus is; it’s better and in more ways than one;

  • Looks better
  • Easier to navigate
  • Useful new features
  • The logic takes some getting used to

So what have the Google team done.

  • All the features you are used to are still there (maybe not in the same place)
  • Streamlined navigation (once you get used to it)
  • Additional Shopping and promotional features (No surprise there BUT they are useful)

A snap shot is included below and more information can be found here – the easiest thing to do is to log into your own Google Merchant Centre and have a play.

  • Navigation – Changed by bundling common tasks together eg.
    Homepage view contains recent announcements and dashboard data quality
    Product page contains consolidated product feed and product data quality information
  • New features – primarily allow you to apply data in ways to promote and sell products eg.
    Local Inventory Ads
    Merchant Promotions
    Product Ratings
  • Update to existing features
    Feed Rules – Change or update specific values, create new values from static or attribute values, extract values from other attributes
  • Diagnostics page – This has been upgraded to almost real time (instead of twice a day)
    Currency conversion – Allows advertisers to show adverts in the local currency even though it may not be included on the landing / page product page

In short; the changes allows merchants significantly more control to work with the data once it is in Google Merchant Centre (getting it in is still interesting) as well as control key information about the business by using the new Business Information section.

As a bi-note; for some strange and unknown reason (as of yet) Google has replaced the tried and tested cog icon with a vertical three dot icon (if you looking for settings, users etc) – the new icon is still in almost the same place.

If you have neglected your Google or Bing Merchant Centres now is the perfect time to contact the team at Adrac: Googles Premier Partner and let one our Paid Search Specialists review your Data Feed Quality, Merchant Centre and Paid Search Campaigns for ideas on what should and could be done with the data.

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