As a Google Premier Partner, Adrac can confidently say that we’ll extract the best possible ROI from your advertising budget with optimal, best-practise led PPC management. When looking for a new PPC agency to engage, you of course have a wide choice of options – looking for one who is a Google Partner (like Adrac) gives you the best chance of success and opens up a whole host of business benefits.

What are Google Partnerships, and why choose a Google Partner PPC agency?

You can think of a Partner certification as a stamp of approval from the world’s largest search engine and online advertising company – which is good news for all involved. It is Google’s way of rewarding trusted digital advertising agencies and marketing professionals with a range of exclusive benefits.

Google says “Achieving Partner status means that your company has demonstrated Google Ads skills and expertise, met Google ad spend requirements, delivered company/agency and client revenue growth and sustained and grown its client base.”

What do you have to do to reach Partner status?

Google’s requirements for Partner status are:

  • Meet certain performance requirements, such as growing ad revenue over an 18-month assessed period
  • Demonstrate an active Ads management business, with a minimum of £7,185 / $10,000 Ads spent per 90-day period.
  • Have at least one Google Ads certified team member

All Adrac PPC pros are Google Ads certified, which means our online advertising methods are build around Google’s own principles for getting the most out of its search engine, and therefore, the most out of our clients’ advertising spend.

Beyond the many hours of work and tests completed to a high level by individual account managers, Adrac has passed a wide range of requirements as an PPC management agency to achieve Partner status.

It’s not enough to simply pass the competency bar for use of Google products; we have also demonstrated that we have maintained and enhanced this knowledge base over time.

It’s worth noting here that Google will introduce new requirements to the Partner program within the next 12 months. These currently are scheduled to debut in February 2022 and mean Partner badge holders must meet tough new performance, ad spend and certification requirements:

  • From February 2022, Partners must maintain a minimum of 70% optimisation score in the Ads management account.
  • At least half of all account strategists must be Google Ads certified.
  • The Ads manager account must handle a minimum of £7,185 / $10,000 Ads spend per 90-day period.

What’s involved in getting Premier Google Partnership?

A Premier Partner takes Google Ads management to the next level. As per Google, “The Google Partners programme grants Premier Google Partner status to the top 3% of the participating companies each calendar year.”

Essentially, a Premier Partner is the best of the best and this status is assessed on an annual basis. Premier Partners meet tough performance criteria, handle a larger ad spend and have a minimum of two certified Google Ads account managers. Google also considers other factors such as client growth and client retention to identify the top 3% of Partners to elevate to Premier Partner status.

What does all this mean for you and your company?

Firstly, it’s a guarantee that we know what we’re doing when it comes to placing your advertising budget in our hands.

Our Google Premier Partners badge also ensures you benefit from our exclusive benefits: we work directly with Google to offer dedicated support teams, advanced tools and technologies, each open to you from the moment you start working with us.

Because SEM and PPC trends are ever evolving, you will have your ears to the ground above your competitors when it comes to significant changing of the digital advertising landscape – plus access to beta features and ad testing before anyone else.

Contact us now to speak to one of our search marketing and ecommerce experts to find out more about what our Google Premier Partner status can do for you.

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