Ahead of Google Marketing Live, Google Ads has shared a few sneak peaks at some of the upcoming product developments set to be rolled out this summer. The new additions are intended to help brands drive results and build resilience.

In his official blog outlining these previews, Dischler said, “I’ve never been more excited about the future of advertising technology and what our teams across Google are working on…The real magic comes when powerful technology fuels creative — inspiring action and delivering results.

“To that end, I’m thrilled to give you a sneak peek of the products and innovation we’ll be unveiling at GML to enhance your advertising in the second half of 2022 and beyond.”

A Dedicated Creative Hub

One of the first changes isn’t a new product but a new resource for advertisers; Creative Hub. Living within the Think With Google site, this destination brings together examples of successful ad creative from brands including Coca-Cola, Cadbury and Burberry.  The campaign examples are pulled from across the Google Ads infrastructure, including YouTube, Apps, Display and Discovery.

New Responsive Display Ads Formats

Google Ads advertisers will also see changing rolling out to Responsive Display Ads. As part of a new product update, Google is introducing ‘mobile first layouts’. As the name suggests, these new layouts are optimised for mobile devices. They can be used to create ads with any portrait image or any video clip.

This ad format makes extensive use of machine learning algorithms and automation with advertisers invited to upload their choice of image and video files along with headlines and then leave Google to create ad variations. The variations created are scaled to fit any number of ad placements, and are tested to ensure the best version is used most often.

Product Ads Image Editing

Product Ads are also getting a machine learning upgrade, Jerry Dischler, VP and general manager of Ads has confirmed. The machine learning algorithm will be instructed to automatically improve and optimize product ads, meaning it may for example uncrop a product image to create a more visually appealing advert. In an example given by Google, it says the product in question may be expanded so that it fills more of the ad space and remains the focus for consumers.

Both the Response Display Ads and Product Ads changes are intended to help advertisers to more easily navigate the vast number of ad formats with creative that is automatically resized and reconfigured to fit millions of potential placements, without any advertising time being used.

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