By Matthew Kinlin

Google has recently released a new social tool called ‘Google Plus One’.

The tab is presented as a ‘+1’ button and works in a very similar way to the Facebook ‘Like’ button. In the words of Google, the button is a way of saying: ‘you should check this out’ to other people.

By clicking the ‘+1’ button, you give your recommendation to a web page. There is an option to keep the your ‘+1’ recommendations as a private record of your web highlights, or you can have them as public and recommend pages to your friends and the rest of the internet.

However unlike Facebook, the Google ‘+1’ tab has one vital additional app: Google-enabled search.

Google has placed the ‘+1’ button in two places: on the Google search listings next to each search result and at the top of individual web pages. Content providers have been encouraged by Google to add the ‘+1’ option to their web pages.

To use the tool, the user is required to have a Google account. Once the user is logged into their account, the ‘+1’ options for search results and web pages will be made visible.

It seems likely that Google will collate feedback to sort out good content from bad. Social data will probably be used to indicate popular, useful sources of data and these will be integrated with Google search.

In other words, they rise straight to the top of Google’s search page.

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