If you’re a retailer, you’ll need no telling of the complexities and challenges you face – not just to stand out online but to build a connection with customers, offer a standard experience across devices and get clients through the door.

While your physical location may close in the evening, your website is available 24/7 and that heaps more pressure on your brand to deliver a smooth, unified experience around the clock and across the web.

Google too knows that this is the case and conducted an extensive piece of research last February to create a benchmark report against which retailers could see how they measured up. In its latest post building on these findings, the search engine says, “consumers are now more demanding than ever. More alarmingly, the study also showed that retailers are missing significant opportunities to engage and convert.”

It has shared a number of practical, actionable steps retailers can take to improve their omnichannel offering, better engage customers and drive more conversions.

Be price transparent

Clarity of pricing is absolutely crucial to online shoppers with well over half of shoppers saying this is central to a good experience online. Being able to easily navigate is also vital, meaning it could be time to streamline and simplify your menu structure and product catalogue. Likewise, look at filtering options and determine how these can be improved to help your shoppers better find what they’re looking for in a seamless, intuitive manner.

Be personal

According to Google’s research, a great digital experience is all down to being presented with products based on their specific preferences and needs according to 83% of online shoppers. Many other studies back up this data, with personalised content known to be a decision-making factor for some shoppers. One way to make this much easier to implement is to encourage shoppers to create an account – the data generated from previous purchases, items saved and such like can make personalised offers a simpler proposition.

Fast and free shipping

Offering quick no-cost (or low cost) shipping is an easy win – 73% of shoppers feel that free delivery is a big part of a great online shopping experience so upgrade your shipping options to meet customer expectations if you’re serious about omnichannel success.

Don’t forget the human touch

It’s easy when shopping online and dealing with eCommerce concerns to forget the importance of the human touch however, this is a central tenant of a successful omnichannel delivery. 42% of online shoppers expect to be able to chat with an agent online according to Google’s research – so this is another quick win if you aren’t already practising this.

If you aren’t sure how you measure up, you can use the Google Grow My Store tool to find out or, get in touch with our eCommerce experts here at Adrac.