A handful of green shoots to watch out for in 2016. We did start by writing short summaries of:

  • What the platform did
  • When it was founded
  • The CEO’s name
  • (Where available) User stats
  • Engagement levels

But, then we thought we would post the list with links and let you decide.

  1. Anchor

User stats: Not available

Exc. Summary: The next iteration of the public broadcasting service

Company Tag Line; Radio by the People

URL: https://anchor.fm/

  1. Yo

User stats: 1 million

Notable Brands: Monster, USA Today

Exc. Summary: The ability to nudge your peers (oi, in British English)

Company Tag Line; Its that simple

URL – https://www.justyo.co/

  1. Viber

User stats: 664 million

Notable Brand: Buzzfeed

Exc. Summary: An Audio version of Twitter with some extra features

Company Tag Line: Connect. Freely

URL: http://www.viber.com/en/

  1. Vimeo

User stats: 100 million

Notable brands: HP, Honda

Exc. Summary: A video version of Twitter

Company Tag Line: Make life worth watching

URL: https://vimeo.com/

  1. Shots

User stats: 10 million

Exc. Summary: Social media without the baggage of a “popularity” contest

Notable brand: Backed by Justin Bieber

Company Tag Line: The comedy app


  1. Snapchat

User stats: 100 million users, 400 million-plus snaps daily

Exc. Summary: Photo sharing site

Notable brands: Audi, the NBA

Tag Line: Life’s more fun when you live in the moment

URL: https://www.snapchat.com/l/en-gb/

  1. Yik Yak

User stats: 3.6 million

Notable brands: The BBC

Exc. Summary: Global (5 mile) radius bulletin board

Company Tag Line; Find your herd

URL: https://www.yikyak.com/home

  1. Periscope

User stats: 10 million

Notable brands: Taco Bell, DKNY

Exc. Summary: A live video version of Twitter

Company Tag Line: Explore the world through someone else’s eyes

URL: https://www.periscope.tv/

  1. Peach

User stats: Not available

Notable brands: Asos

Exc. Summary: Social media for friends

Company Tag Line: Peach is a fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself

URL: http://peach.cool/

  1. Wanelo

User stats: 11 million

Notable brand: Urban Outfitters

Exc. Summary: Digital shopping bag

Company Tag Line: The best shopping app

URL: https://wanelo.com/

  1. Vine

User stats: 200 million

Exc. Summary: Short six second video loops

Notable brands: GoPro, Simon & Schuster

Company Tag Line: Explore a world of beautiful, looping videos

URL: https://vine.co/

Have fun and if you want the fuller summaries let us know and we will be happy to post a follow up.

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