Even the experts don’t know what will happen on the 29th March 2019 and many businesses are delaying investment decisions until they are more certain. However, with Trade deals possibly taking up to 10 years to complete with individual states, how long UK companies wait and how many opportunities will be missed is unknown.

Adrac customers do not face this dilemma, the Adrac Partner Program means companies that have qualified are being provided with contractually guaranteed results from marketing so come what May (pardon the pun) Adrac clients are protected.

& the great news is that applications are still open in a select few industries.

The “feeling” appears to be, some clarity on the Brexit situation will result in a boom of investments and digital marketing spending. The problem with this is that it could trigger price rises through increased competition and demand for positions. Adrac Partners, protected from market uncertainty don’t need to wait for the crowd, instead, Adrac Partners are capitalising from the uncertainty secure in the knowledge that the returns they will get are guaranteed.

Whilst the rest of the world is recording one of the strongest growth spurts in the last decade. UK growth has fallen – Gertjan Vlieghe, a member of the Bank of England monetary policy committee, puts the cost of lost UK GDP growth as high as £40bn a year, since the Brexit vote two and half years ago. Despite the gloom, Adrac has seen Partner investment increase consistently with almost 80% of Adrac Guaranteed Performance clients securing over performance over the last six months.

Why not talk to a member of our Partner Vetting Team to see if your company qualifies for the Adrac Partner Program where benefits to you and your company include:

  • Expert management of your Ads campaigns
  • No management or Admin fees
  • Access to an independent multi-channel performance reporting platform
  • Regular growth plans and market share reports

Remember – If you are an EU citizen working or operating a business within the UK remember the EU Settlement Scheme is scheduled to open for applications on the 30th March 2019, the deadline for applications is currently set at 30th June 2021 and applications must be made on an individual basis by the individual themselves.

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