We may only barely be mid-September, which for most of us means the holiday season feels like it’s still a way off. However, Christmas deals are already creeping into the shops and Black Friday, traditionally the starting pistol for the sales season, is just a few weeks off. Now is the time to get prepped if you want to be in the best possible position to reach your sales targets in the run up to Christmas 2019.

Step 1: Consider your seasonal SEO

Seasonal SEO is a great opportunity to cash in on festive searches, though it does require a little forward planning. Here, you’ll want to add seasonally appropriate words to your standard keywords along with other timely phrases. If you’re a pet store, you could target ‘Christmas gifts for pets” for example or “dog Christmas gifts”. Naturally, seasonal SEO will take a while to come to fruition so the sooner you start, the greater the opportunities you’ll generate for festive exposure.

Step 2: Plan your offers

If you haven’t already got offers in mind, now is a great time to start planning what special offers you’ll deploy, when they will be made available and how you’ll promote them. This could lead to additional work, such as the creation of discount codes in the backend of your website, graphic design work for social media posts, price adjustments in your ecommerce store or the creation of print ads, landing pages or new web content.

It may be that this also leads to the need to create new PPC ad groups or schedule paid social campaigns.

Step 3: Plan and create your content

Depending on your type of business, you may well have a fairly heft list of festive-related content to either create or, update from last year. Gift guides for example can take a while to collate, especially if you have multiple guides in mind. Creating a timeline of the content to be produced alongside a deadline of when it needs to be drafted and signed off is a useful way of staying on track.

Step 4: Source imagery

Now you know what kind of content you’re going to be putting out, you’ll need to ensure you have your other assets in place. Images, videos and things like infographics and GIFs should all go on your to-do list now so you have everything to hand and ready to go when the sales season gets into full swing.

Successful marketing campaigns succeed in getting everything to work together in unison and there is no better opportunity for this then a seasonal period like Christmas. With objectives which are clear, concise and concentrated, you’re all set for success!

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