How to get started with Social Media

Guides to Social media are often long, laborious, and impractical. Rarely accounting for the various industries the audiences operate in. – that’s why;

Adrac are only going to cover “how to get started with Social media”. Get started (properly) on Social Media and you will find your own way through. That journey through is worth more to you and your digital marketing agency then paying five times the fees.

The advice – Stop looking at Social Media for business as a stand-alone.

That’s right it can be done, integrate social media into your daily/weekly/ bi-weekly work lives.

If stand-alone is what you have been thinking then that’s (probably) why “Start Social Media” still sits on your to do list (just above visit that friend from college you lost touch with within one year of leaving college).

At the time of writing this article the social media team at Adrac struggled to recall instances where client were not already internally gathering, monitoring, distributing and discussing key aspects of the content that forms the back bone of their effective corporate social media strategies.

What is most often missing is the centralisation, publication and external distribution of those aspects the company wants to share – Some of the greatest content never produced sits in inbox clutter or in-between the cracks of internal meeting agendas.

How you start – Consolidate you and your teams’ internal communications efforts around market, technology, competition, customer wins – All those things that are already important to your business – into a central, recordable and accessible in the future process/resource.

It’s how we start; The Adrac team work to consolidate the thoughts and findings of key players within the client business. We take this information and segment it into topics (often) send it to our team of copywriters – selected in the on boarding process for their knowledge and experience in the industry – to create a consistent, effective, accurate output.

Initially, distributed on owned channels for the business to Create the footprint and Identify the brand champions ie. Those voices that appear to be consistently hitting the topics that matter.

Once the following completes it’s about … Ok, we have gone a little beyond “How to get started” but it’s to add perspective to the approach and the first steps are simple to follow.

Consolidate you and your teams’ internal communications efforts into a central, recordable and accessible in the future process/resource for those topics that matter to you. We promise you

  1. This type of content will already be being distributed inside the walls of your business
  2. You will be impressed with the outputs when you do this.
  3. A voice will already start to make itself heard in the contributors

After this contact Adrac and we will help with the next steps.

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