If you haven’t yet tried influencer outreach or are hesitant about incorporating influencers into your marketing, it’s worth noting the abundance of SEO and content benefits that this new type of outreach can add to your digital campaigns. Over and above that, there are lots of financial reasons that make influencer outreach an attractive prospect, particularly if you have to show a strong return from your digital initiatives. So, why should you consider adding this type of activity to your existing SEO and blog strategies?

Let’s start with ROI

Research conducted by TapInfluence and Nielsen Catalina Solutions in the US showed that influencer marketing delivers as much as 11 times the ROI of some forms of digital marketing. In real terms, this study found that companies employing influencer marketing tactics generated $285 per 1,000 impressions.

There were longer term benefits too, with a doubling of ROI three months later – without any extra funds needing to be allocated. The simple reason for this is that while digital ads go offline when the budget is exhausted, influencer marketing is typically built around content, which lives on even when the campaign itself ends.

What other benefits can influencer marketing bring?

Content promotion

One of the most obvious benefits is that influencer marketing can help to extend the reach of your own content. If you invest serious time and effort in crafting compelling blog posts, you’ll likely still be preaching to a limited audience. Your content will sit on your own site and be shared via your own social media (and your social fans) but, it’s probable that its reach is limited to those who already know about your business.

Influencer marketing extends the reach of your best blogs and other content by allowing you to tap into someone else’s network. If you choose your influencers carefully, their audience will align with your own target demographic, meaning more of the right kinds of people will consume your content. Depending on the type of content your influencers are sharing, this could mean more leads are generated or more brand awareness is built.

Link building

Link building is perhaps one of the hardest aspects of SEO but, it’s one that can be made easier by adding influencers into the mix. Reaching out to key bloggers and social media personalities to collaborate with you gives you a great opportunity to build highly relevant and thematically appropriate links back to your site. As the blogger or personality in question is working with you, chances are you’ll also have some say on the landing page and anchor text for the link, meaning it can be aligned with your SEO strategy for maximum optimisation benefit.

Your competitors are doing it

According to a study by Tomlinson, influencer marketing is the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channel, with 59% of marketers planning to increase their influencer outreach budget over the next 12 months. These figures show that if you aren’t doing, your competitors probably are. If you aren’t also staking your claim on the bloggers and personalities that your customers trust, your rivals probably are. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you implement an outreach strategy.