Amit Singhal is retiring on February 26th, and he’s being replaced by …… John Giannandrea, the VP who leads the company’s artificial intelligence and research work.

John Giannandrea is a 15 year Google veteran, joining in 2010.

Giannandrea has led Google`s machine learning efforts, applying the technology to products such as

  • image recognition for Google Photos search,
  • the smart reply for Google Inbox,
  • knowledge graph and
  • ultimately part of the Googles much publicised self-driving car

Born in Bridge Alan, Scotland the 50 year old tech veteran and former CTO of Netscape is no stranger to innovation. With a history of successful entrepreneur projects under his belt including

  • Co-founder of Voice resignation start-up Tell Me Networks Inc
  • Founder of Metaweb

The University of Stratchclyde, Glasgow graduate is on record as saying “understanding language” is his “holy grail”.

Certainly heading up a key component (if not “the key”) at the largest company in the world just after prominent tech companies commit $1 billion in funding to the development of IA isn’t going to dampen his chances.

Oh and in case you hadn’t heard as part of the process, Google is folding its research division into search – so that AI research (Mr. Giannandrea former main stay at Mountain View) now sits at the heart of how Google operates.

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