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LinkedIn has revealed some surprising news in its latest report. It has confirmed that Generation Z (those aged between 9 and 24 years old) is now the fastest growing demographic on the platform.

This might not seem initially all that relevant to you but this single fact from LinkedIn could make you reconsider: within just four years, Gen Z will account for almost a third (27%) of the global workforce. LinkedIn classifies them as “the most pivotal generation for the future of B2B” and that means your brand needs to act fast to begin nurturing its relationships with these future decision makers.

Generation Z are avid online shoppers

Generation Z is a generation that has truly grown up online, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to hear that they are avid online shoppers. Sourcing products or services digitally is an inherent habit – which is notable when you consider that LinkedIn has Gen Z tipped to be the largest generation of consumers ever. It says that this fast growing audience already accounts for between $29 and $143 billion in direct spending.

They are mobile savvy and always connected

Most Gen Z members say that they spend more than one hour each day entirely on social media – further fruit of their lifetime of digital connectivity. 63% of this segment say that they visit LinkedIn at least once per week. There’s much more to their online habits however, with Gen Z members pegged as ‘hyper connected’. In addition to the more than one hour per day on social media, they’ll remain connected and online through the day, often via multiple devices and primarily with a smartphone more than a desktop PC.

They value sustainability and education

LinkedIn suggests that Gen Z is very mobile and more prone to relocate for career purposes than other generations. They’re also driven by values, prioritising considerations such as sustainability and authenticity in the brands they deal with. This generation is also overwhelmingly aware of social issues, values education and is analytical and well-informed. 65% of Gen Z says that they like information and to know what’s happening around them, meaning they’ll research more vendors than other segments of the population before landing on a brand to do business with.

What does this all mean for marketers?

LinkedIn’s own analysis of its research reveals some key insights for marketers. For those keen to connect with this generation it says you’ll need to:

  • Create authentic, informed content
  • Be firmly mobile-first with seamless mobile experiences
  • Be open to collaboration and embrace interactive content that allows Gen Z to experience your brand and explore on their terms

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