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LinkedIn has published a new eBook for social media managers and along with a slew of advice to make the most of the platform, it has also revealed a few interesting snippets about the network itself – including new user information and figures. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the nuggets of insight and best practise, shared by the platform’s own Global Social Media Lead.

Social media is trusted

According to LinkedIn, social media has never been as pivotal as it is right now. Along with the networking that sits naturally right at the heart of the LinkedIn offering, a social media manager must also be able to reflect what’s happening in the wider world and be genuine and authentic in communications. Brands using social media should do so to inspire, educate, help and communicate with their tribe. Social media is the bridge between brand distrust and the audience, says LinkedIn, with 59% of shoppers trusting branded social output versus a 41% trust in advertising.

A powerful platform

According to the latest figures shared in the LinkedIn eBook, it is a powerful platform for brands. Around 40% of LinkedIn members log into their account on a daily basis while interaction has leapfrogged in the last 12 months. Comments, likes and shares have increased by 60% year-on-year, while 45% of all traffic to brand website home pages now comes from LinkedIn. Mobile LinkedIn sessions are also increasing, and have grown 57% in the last year.

The eBook also shared that 61 million LinkedIn users are senior decision-makers while 40 million are in decision-making roles. Around 45% are upper management (directors, VPs and CEOs).

In total, 71% of LinkedIn members use the platform to aid in their decision making process – signifying a “high quality, safe environment”.

More content

As well as engagement moving forward in leaps and bounds, the amount of content being created and posted on LinkedIn is also on the up. Over 130,000 articles are now shared each week on LinkedIn by members, and the LinkedIn Feed is receiving 60% more views. Engagement on the Feed itself has grown too, increasing more than 50% year-on-year.

The time spent creating content for LinkedIn isn’t wasted either, with data showing that around 50% of members are more likely to buy from brands they have engaged with socially.

While this fresh insight shows that LinkedIn is a powerful channel for growing relationships, building a community, driving traffic and making conversions, it can be a time-consuming task. If you need help to tap into this new era of LinkedIn opportunities, get in touch with the Adrac team today.

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