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When it comes to PPC, most advertisers automatically think of Google Ads. There’s a reason for this of course; Google is the largest search engine in the world, which means that it has the biggest reach for advertisers and more search traffic than rivals.

It’s unwise to discount other platforms entirely though, especially if you’re targeting niche demographics or find that you have been priced off of page one due to intense competition. One such option for advertisers keen to explore other opportunities to get in front of search traffic is Bing.

Introducing Bing Ads

Bing Ads is Microsoft’s alternative to Google Ads. Although it can’t boast quite the same level of reach, it comes into its own for businesses looking for ways to get in front of a specific demographic. Search engine data for example shows us that Bing users are primarily aged between 45 – 54; a little older than the average Google user. In addition, Microsoft itself reports that Bing users spend 35% more online when shopping from their desktop computers than the average web user. This suggests that Bing Ads could be beneficial for businesses targeting desktop shoppers and higher ticket items.

Another compelling reason to explore what Bing Ads has to offer is the range of exclusive tools available to advertisers:

  • Action Extensions

Bing Ads action extensions allow advertisers to integrate an action button directly within the ad itself. This innovative feature forms the ultimate CTA by shortening the awareness-to-conversion process and making it easier for audiences to take the desired next step.

Common actions include ‘reserve’ and ‘browse’, but Microsoft offers 70 pre-defined action buttons in total, including ‘find store’, ‘free trial’ and ‘free quote’. Microsoft research shows a 20% increase in clickthrough rate for ads using action extensions.

  • Image Extensions

Like action extensions, the Bing Ads image extension allows further personalisation of the PPC ad, this time through the inclusion of a relevant image. These free-to-activate image extensions serve as visual stimuli, helping to draw attention to the ad, increase brand recognition and drive more relevant traffic. In essence, you can include images with your ads to improve traffic quality, giving you more bang for your advertising buck.

  • LinkedIn Profile Targeting

LinkedIn profile targeting is currently being trialled in the USA and offers an unprecedented ability to direct ads at exactly the right eyeballs. Advertisers can use this option to target users not only based on search terms, but also on their professional profile. Targeting options include company worked for, job title and job function – all criteria that can dramatically increase relevance and conversion rates.

If you’re new to Bing Ads, the Adrac team is here to help. As a Microsoft Advertising Partner and Google Premium Partner, we help our clients to navigate the PPC space by selecting the right platform and ensuring all relevant functionality is leveraged. Speak to us today to find out more about working with us.

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