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New details have emerged about Microsoft’s Audience Network following its launch last month. Rolled out in May, we’ve known from the start that the Microsoft Audience Network is an evolution of the Bing Ads platform but, some details were still a little vague. Now, Bing has shared a few more snippets of information about the Network and how it works.

What is Microsoft Audience Network?

Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN for short) uses artificial intelligence to help optimise ad selection, as well as boost ad relevancy and predictions in both clicks and conversions. The platform builds on the Bing Audience Network and Bing Native Ads, which launched back in 2015. The new Network extends their reach further thanks to enhanced data sources which make for clearer audience targeting and give more control to advertisers.

Targeting and Audiences

The MSAN approach to targeting and audiences is a little different to what you might be used to from Bing or indeed, the new AdWords experience. Keywords are not used for targeting in campaigns, with the focus instead shifting to audiences. The emphasis has also switched from keywords to Microsoft Graph for Bing Native Ads.

Campaigns can be built using key markers such as age, gender, device and location for targeting purposes. LinkedIn categories such as professional role, company and industry are also available and Microsoft is expected to add more career-focused elements as the platform develops.

Ad Formats

The Microsoft Audience Network offers two formats. The first focuses on image-based ads which include a picture, description and headline. These can incorporate existing elements from Google Display Network, Yahoo Gemini and Facebook ad campaigns.

The second format is a feed-based advert. This is a dynamic remarketing approach which connects to any given feed-based MSAN campaign. This empowers advertisers to remarket directly to website visitors, using the exact items which were viewed on the page or added to cart. This precision promises ultra impactful advertising and is sure to become one of the platform’s most popular features.

How to run Microsoft Audience Adverts

Advertisers have two different options when running their MSAN ads. Firstly, advertising reach can be expanded by plugging in search campaigns which span Microsoft-owned and operated entities such as with native ads. The option has not yet been rolled out across the UK, US, Canada and Australia, but will represent the simplest way to get started. There are limitations with this route when it comes to optimising and controlling ads.

The second option creates NSAN-only campaigns separately. This is currently in beta testing with a limited number of advertisers but will be rolled out to more accounts in the future. This option will provide all the controls which advertisers crave, including tighter budget controls, tracking and reporting. For those currently running a display advertising campaign with Google or Facebook, it should prove extremely popular.

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