A significant new study which assessed over 100 million Facebook posts and 94,000 Facebook pages has shed lots of new light on what works, what doesn’t and more importantly what drives interactions.

Carried out by Quintly, the research provides some data-driven insight into platform performance – perfect if you’re looking to eke out every last advantage from the time you invest in your Facebook marketing.

Link posts are the most prolific of content uploaded

Posts with links are easily the most common of post updates appearing in NewsFeeds according to the Quintly data. In fact, this type of update is over 25% more popular than the next most common post type. While 54.9% of posts are link-based, the second most frequently style of post (image) was used just 29.1% of the time.

When you’re preparing your next set of Facebook posts, there are a few pointers you can take from this nugget of information:

  • The first is that if you frequently use links, it could be time to switch it up and add in some other form of post type.
  • The second is that links are incredibly frequent, meaning it may be harder to stand out in the NewsFeed, given that users see them so often.
  • A third point worth considering is that as images are used so much less frequently, you have an easy opportunity to shift gear and help your link posts stand out – just use an image too.

The remaining data shows that 14.1% are videos and just 1.8% a status update.

Video posts generate the most interactions

It should come as no surprise that video posts generate lots of reactions as the popularity of video with consumers has been widely reported. What is surprising is that videos generate 65% more interactions that images despite being used less frequently as a post type by publishers.

So what does this mean for your business? Simply put, Facebook users love to engage with videos. If you’re looking to up your Facebook engagement rates, video needs to play a part in your social strategy. It may take longer to put together, but you’ll be rewarded with much more interaction from your audience.

Images also perform strongly when you’re looking for a way to push your audience into taking an action – they generate 105% more interactions than status updates.

Posting on a weekend generates more interactions too

A lot of business and e-commerce pages restrict their post schedule to weekdays. This could be a mistake with the research data showing more interaction actually takes place over the weekend. Just 23% of posts are published at the weekend but get 13% more interaction than their week day counterparts. Your next step here is clear; start to schedule some weekend updates too.

If you’d like more help driving better performance from you Facebook marketing or social media activity, contact the Adrac team to learn more about how we can help.

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