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Pay-per-click (PPC) is an efficient way of advertising on the internet, if you know what you are doing. The concept is simple: bid for your keywords, create your advert, set it live, and watch as it entices quality traffic (paying customers) to your web page.

It can be extremely cost-effective, with a great return on investment (ROI). There are tricks to optimising it so that it attracts your target customers and appears on the most appropriate search engine results pages (serps), and using it to support your other marketing activities, such as social media and even traditional advertising.

The beauty of PPC is that it can yield immediate positive results. While natural search optimisation techniques look to the long-term, PPC success can be instantaneous and can reach a target audience even on a small budget.

Adverts are a little like tweets – they are limited to 130 characters (140 is Twitter’s limit) and must include your most important business key words. In only a sentence you must target your audience and present a call to action that makes the click-through inevitable.

Underlying the success of a PPC campaign are other issues: you must ensure your landing page adheres to search engine quality score guidelines, which includes navigation, copywriting, design and relevance. Even seemingly small choices, like where to position a customer sign-up form, can have wide-reaching effects.

PPC is very accessible: businesses can run their own campaigns, though if they want to increase their ROI and encourage more paying customers, it is advisable to engage the services of a PPC manager, who will know how to optimise your landing page, test keyword and campaign success, lower the cost of your keyword bids and compose adverts that appeal to your customers. They will also provide monthly reports detailing account activity and confirming performance.

If you are running your own PPC campaigns at the moment, it couldn’t hurt to get an appraisal of your account, and learn about the benefits of a professionally-run PPC campaign. Many reputable agencies, including Adrac, will perform an introductory consultation and analysis for free.

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