Pinterest has published its annual Pinterest 100 report, which looks ahead to identify 100 trending topics we’ll be searching for over the coming 12 months. The 100 report is an incredibly useful document for marketers and business owners, as it functions as a barometer of consumer interests, highlighting the types of products, service and content that are set to be popular in the New Year.

Pinterest says that its criteria for making the trending 100 is tough – it looks at what its 250 million active users per month are searching for. If a keyword or topic gets more searches month on month for a period of no less than six months, it can be considered trending. The trends are split across a number of categories with Pinterest also giving a few tips as to how businesses can use its trends in their marketing campaigns through the year.


In the field of travel, consumers are going back to basics with an eco-conscious thread running through. Searches for things like bus travel and bicycles tours are expected to be popular, as well as getaways off the beaten tracks.

The image sharing site says businesses can use this knowledge to help customers by creating bus or bike itineraries or sharing zero waste travel resources.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness has been everywhere in 2018, with lots of fitness influencers becoming hugely well known in the mainstream. According to Pinterest, 2019 will be packed with holistic and natural wellness, with users keen to learn how to get more sleep, ditch alcohol in favour of mocktail recipes, use nutrition plans for healthier dining and use superfoods, elderberries and natural skincare remedies.

Hobbies and Interests

2019 looks set to be crafty, with Pinterest identifying a surge in consumers using sketchbooks, growing their own, using savings planners, creating chalk art, bodypainting, throwing clay, building boats and taking pitches of decaying old buildings.

Businesses looking to tap into this to engage with consumers could consider using some of the same techniques when shooting product images for a website or designing brochures or in-store displays.


Next year, family sharing platters will be much in demand, consumers will seek out dairy-free milks in their droves, use mushrooms in everything from coffee to cholate, try new diets which meld old favourites like paleo and veganism, use their slow cooker and overwhelmingly prefer foil pack dinner recipes.

There’s lots here for food businesses to get their teeth stuck into, from creating new sharing platters to writing slow cooker recipes for fans.


In the home, décor trends will be bold and bright – vintage style interior searches are up 563% on Pinterest. Geometric patterns, bold wallpaper, fabrics like wool (up 1718%), natural swimming pools and the colour yellow are all set to be hot.

Businesses with physical stores can use these trends to create very welcoming and up-to-the-minute spaces.

The Adrac team will be making use of this list to help us ensure the latest trends, looks and outlooks are used to keep client campaigns ahead of the crowd. We hope you find our insight useful when planning your future marketing. Want to find out more? Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help in 2019.


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